The history of humanity is full of hidden events and experiences that till a few years ago were only accessible to a few Humans.

Now many more of us can access more of this history ,even now however the majority of humans either cannot remember or refuse to believe. For those of you with a more aware consciousness, understanding our history is  paramount to our continued growth and expansion.

Yes we have been genetically altered ,a few times in fact ,the current homo sapien version of this modification of humanity was carried out ,by the higher density 4th dimensional.very intelligent , mostly negative aligned Annunaki,who arrived during the Sumerian age from the planet Nibiru.

In choosing the path of negative alignment, they thereby chose that polarity of experiences in order for them to evolve.this meant they operated (and still do ) from the left sided intellect of their brain .more then the right sided compassionate heart chakra 💜 energy.

This brain conscious energy enabled them to be very technologically advanced and part of their experience perspective was for them to understand the lessons of manipulation,control and everything that particular energy contained.

In order to control and manipulate humans, they generally altered our DNA by shutting down our four higher chakra, energy centers ,this meant many humans could only create from the duality of the lower energy chskras, being the  red,yellow and orange 🍊 rays .

We found it extremely difficult to connect to our true I AM self,which is established though the heart,throat ,pineal and crown chakra energies.

From the Annunaki perspective due to a lack of love and compassion experiences got everything, they believed that they were doing not only themselves but humanity a service. They were growing and learning what they needed to experience to evolve into a more higher consciousness being,why giving humanity the chance to experience limitation, control ,lack and all the other not so negative experiences connected to the lower 3 rays..albeit in dark dense energy.

What we need to realise is that then , humanity as a collective consciousness allowed this to happen as part of our 3D experience , without it we could not evolve , so it can be seen as a gift , blessing that these beings brought us, humanities resolve,learning , understanding and  desire to evolve therefore come from the emotional constructs that are aligned to the red,orange and yellow rays. This helped us move into the more compassionate energy of the heart 💜chakra ,which is where humanity as a collective consciousness is currently evolving to,the merging of the lower three chakra energies with the heart ❤️ energy.

This is something that the  Annunaki are still trying to resolve ,so instead of blaming them and other negative aligned beings for our so called negative aligned controlled society ,we maybe should bless them and send them love and compassion in helping them come to a conclusion and realisation,through their own free will, that they  need to finally to change their consciousness .I sincerely hope as a compassionate being with  love for all creation,they finally evolve for the highest good if themselves and everything else in existence.

Blessings GG 🙏💜