Are there any laws

Are there any laws

God/Source/Universe  is pure love (energy) which simply keeps expanding, therefore it allows itself to grow and expand.

Every creation from source seems to believe that there is some form of law/s that governs creation.

Personally from my own perception,are laws of any kind part of the illusion.A tool to keep us in limitations .More and more enlightened beings seemingly are aligning to this conclusion. Particularly the so called "Law of Attraction". This particular law became mainstream in the film "The Secret".

Now some off its participants are supposedly doubting it's potential . It definitely is hit and miss,it works for some not others. Is it possible that by trying to fathom how laws of the universe work ,it is part of the Ego,in the case of higher dimensional beings a different ego to what we know, seeking answers.

When in pure connection,no matter the being no laws seem relevant.

Much love and blessings (GG)💜🙏