The Huldufolk Elves of Iceland.

The Huldufolk Elves of Iceland.

Iceland is one of those countries whose grids overlap between 3 and 5 D. It has Volcanoes and the hidden people known as the Huldufolk Elves.

The Huldufolk Elves are a real brings that live in nature in a parrellel universe to humans. They have the ability to make themselves invisible at will

In Iceland the throwing of stones is frowned upon as they may hit the hidden people.  At a poll in 2006 54% of Icelanders believed in the hidden people. It will be interesting to see what percentage is now.. 😂

The dancing with Elves was common until the 17th century,the elves carry a special ethereal and spiritual energy /presence .The Huldufolk have been known about since 1000ad and have often been associated with Icelandic folklore and Christianity.

In the East of Iceland in the  town "Borgafjoundur Eystri there is a famous Elf church

There have been 1,000,s of instances,where construction in Iceland had to been halted or diverted due to an elf churches or houses in the vicinity ,which was usely resolved using  Elf negotiater who could see and negotiate with the Elves.

Even the famous Icelandic blue lagoon,elves had a part to play,during its construction the elves wanted it to remain low key so they could be their during its building

How beautifully charming to be surrounded by other beings and races..I love this higher dimensional awareness,.we are so lucky to be alive today.blessings in love GG💜🙏