ET and UFO Contact

ET and UFO Contact

Earth and humanities consciousness is in the process of Ascension. We are in the beginning stages of becoming members of the the 5th awareness.

Most humans need to be aware that we are already 4th dimensional conscious beings,but due to the lag/drag of the third density, most of our thinking and awareness is still stuck in 3D.

Fear is still the biggest dense energy that keeps us in linear 3D.Since 2012 we have made rapid progress in moving humanities consciousness away from a predominantly collective fear based thinking... hooray 🎉.

Even though there is now a mass of evidence supporting,and many many humans believe and know ET,s ,UFO craft and other higher dimensional beings exist,there as yet has been minimal landings or physical contact.

Those wonderful higher dimensional beings the Plieadians,and I personally to agree with them, have on many occasions along with others informed us ,that one of the main reasons ET,s or other higher dimensional beings who wish to make open 1st contact have refrained from doing so,is because of fear. Imagine if right now if ET or other brings showed up on the white house lawn, or Buckingham Palace, or Central Park or Red Square.Humanity still has a lot of mistrust , judgemental or preditory tendicies ,these can easily be be assimilated into a fear based emotional energy,which may cause a massive spike in our overall consciousness ,changing the timelines and current potential we are on.

Simply put we as a collective consciousness are not yet ready to receive our galactic brothers and sisters in an unbiased or at least neautral way.

Mass open 1st contact will happen, and according to "Bashar" as channelled by Darryl Anka it will gradually increase in its velocity between now and 2030.

Blessings GG 💜🙏