Gaia's system and Humanity

Gaia's system and Humanity

Information comes to me in downloads over an unspecified is often partial and random therefore in the now moment of receiving it seems chaotic. and  is only understood by me  in away to.publish for ease of reader understanding after several visions and checking for similar information from other sources.the use of metaphors has been a way of communicating spiritual insights in written 3D linear for thousands of years .

We are all.expanding in a way that is meant for each of us as an individual sovereign aspect of source , there fact that you are reading this article however means you have some indication about the information contained herein and have some level of the process involved.

The purpose is to stir your innate and aide you should you choose to expand your awareness beyond 3D thinking and finding your inner  own truth.

Our consciousness increases through free choice in itself.we are divine ,our DNA is everything we can pick up healthy stems from our past lives,helping us stay healthy and virus free in the now and future timelines.

Gaia is here to support humanity to a higher evolution,by doing this she(because it is a beautiful benevolent feminine energy conscious entity) will eventually through her paitence and grace be able  also to make the transition from a low dark dense 3D energy planet into a multidimensional higher consciousness. Planetary transformation and evolution is not only the way our galaxy continues growing ,but all galaxies in existence in all timelines and multiverses.

Gaia has 3 essential ways /levels of assisting humanity ,she was designed for this, she is living intelligent consciousness,she speaks she is our partner.

The 1st of these which several channelled entities have also spoke about in similar ways is a 3D place called the cave of creation,it here we go when we cross over, each soul is stored here, there is a crystalline structure for every soul ,we are etched here like "your name" was here😉. it is Gaia,s record of souls,it always has past, present and future on it, and Gaia is there.

The 2nd way /level is our DNA ,this is stored separately and is reunited with our empty  soul when we decide to reincarnate again.,this contains the Akashic records, it is the intelligence òf the planet and holds the  lifetime's of our experiences in our DNA.

With the arrival of a new energy tool we can mine the Akosh everything we need is in our DNA,our 🧬 was given to us by the Plieadians ,we are in a quantum state with them ,they are probably our closest brothers and sisters.

We can simply by asking with focused intent be given the wisdom of the ancients. Think about it, we are our ancestors and with this knowledge and wisdom we will eventually change the universe. This is how magnificent 🤩 we are ! Our DNA currently only works at around 30%,of its capacity due to altered genetics by tha Annunaki and others throughout the millenia, no wonder we get ill with dis-ease and age . As you give permission to yo your body cells and  they begin to  rejuvenate and regenerate as our innate,which not only the  consciousness, of our DNA ,but God/Source, says' thank you ,I thought you would never ask?, Now I can get to work,I was bored waiting to go what I do best".. 😆."let's keep you healthy,protect you from illness and prolong you life ".

The 3rd way/level.yhst Gaia supports and provides is by way of the Oceans. Our affinity to the whales and dolphins, they are mammals like us but  are  fact terrestrial aliens known as "Cetaceans" and are very beautiful and intelligent,our innate connection to them is evident in that our natural consciousness in that we have made laws and decrees 🌎 wide to and protect the living , beautiful coincidence there!😉.

The whales and dolphins show us unconditional love ,they are connected because they hold our entire records as well, a kind of back up mechanism hidden in the Oceans ,how beautiful is this.,

My beautiful , wonderful readers we are part of the master plan of creation, free choice (often manipulated ) as taken us down a dark path ,now we are awakening,our awareness is shifting,love, benevolence, understanding of our beautiful purpose and compassionate action are the free choices open to us,but about biggest gift given to us by god)source is non-infringed free choice you can still choose differently if you want to, and neither I nor god/source will judge you.

Much love and blessings GG 💜🙏