Galactic Wars Part 2

Galactic Wars Part 2

In continuing my series on our Galactic wars.As stared a cross reference of information and resources has been used in this article. The main source of information being  from Manual Limeroys Galactic History "the galactic wars"

The Draco Reptilian races probably came here from another Galaxy and it is thought they are billions of years old. So they have most likely existed in our Galaxy for a billion + years.

They knew how to space travel long before humanity ever existed. Owing to their extensive longitivity the Draco had been exploring for millions of years and by the time the Lyran/vegan has encountered them the Draco had already established a formidable and considerable empire , known funnily enough as the "Draconian Empire".. 😆.

This empire was  established in our Galaxy (the milky way) on Alpha draconis , in the constellation of Draco approx 301 light years away. It is historically significant in having been known as the North Star in 2-4 millennium BCE.

The Draconian Empire consisted mainly of Reptilian and Dino-Saur like species. Upon the Lyran/Vegan and Draconian meeting their was instant hostility between the two. They both wanted to colonize the same worlds for themselves. Conflicts ensured ,these 1st conflicts in the ring  Nebula in the Lyran constellation a distance of some 2656 light years from 🌎.

These conflicts and skirmishes soon turned into a full blown war, when the Draconian,s attacked the Lyran home planets destroying several and killing millions of Lyrans. By this time however masses if Lyrans had already migrated to other worlds.

Retaliation by the Lyrans was inevitable.

End of Part Two.