Galactic Wars part one

Galactic Wars part one

This information comes from a variety of sources,"Manual Limeroys "Galactic History, the galactic wars " bring one of them.

This Subject is still one that is undergoing deeper and more   understanding of the exact energy experiences as events that transpired  are there are plenty of  contradictory and confusing perspectives ,but large chunks of the information that we as galactic species have thus, far have been  allowed  access too correlate together to give the  inquisitive reader some semblance of  what may have happened in what can be termed the" real Star Wars"

From my own personal perspective I have had a few downloads that suggest these galactic war  events did occur in our Galaxy. I hope you enjoy my take on this subject, above all else enjoy it in a fun way 😉😵‍💫.

"In our Galaxy (The Milky Way) it is widely recognised that in the "Constellation of Lyra" approximately 25 million years ago ,in our linear time, several humanoid type species evolved. Most of these are now known as Lyran, who look very similar to our white humanity on 🌎 today only taller ( please note I said very similar,not exact ).

Within 3 million years or so (22 million years ago) they realised that they could travel to other star systems in their Galactic vicinity, curiosity and desire for more knowledge were contributory factors in the Lyran,s deciding to utilise this talent to travel to and colonise some of these nearby plants.

On Vega ,which is in the Lyran constellation about 25 light years from 🌎,they encountered some brown 🤎 skinned humanoid races . Overall these encounters were peacful events.

Time past and eventually these populations found themselves interacting with each other . Together they pooled their knowledge and unity and decided to explore further exploration and colonisation of space. Some of the planets that  this combined co-,operative  humanoids efforts discovered were Sirius, Orion and Alpha Centuri, as well as others.

Probably one of the first non- humanoid races they encourage were the Reptilian races known as The "Draco " in the Draco constellation.

End of Part 1.

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