Lemuria and Atlantis

Lemuria and Atlantis

Lessons to be learnt from the civilisations of Lemuria and Atlantis.

Lemuria is regarded as the 1st civilization of humanity,it is estimated to have existed anything from 2-300,000 years ago. and thrived as a civilization for around 25,000 years. It's centre would be what is known as Hawaii but probably stretched as far as Madagascar.

It basically failed because it was a civilisation that came mostly from a pure heart energy template and ignored the duality template of the head (intellegenc). It eventually sank in in a massive flood

The Atlantis civilization according to.Plato, existed around 9,000 years before him. Plato lived 2,500 years ago,so the Atlantis civilization by todays linear time reckoning existed between 11-12,000 years ago. They did have a Golden age,but that civilization eventually moved into an almost purely head (intellect) energy template and that civilization was also destroyed by a floods

Our current civilization through our now much more easily remedied past lives records are finally learning that the best energy template to thrive and evolve is a merging of both the Head (intellect) and the Heart (love) this is happening because our collective consciousness is playing around in this energy template.

This is the balancing of energies that you may be feeling now.,as the heart 💜 and brain 🧠 begin to work in harmony with each other, instead of in opposition or resistance.

Step back within yourself and you will be amazed as you dense the connection between the two.

Humanity is magnificent, blessings in love GG💜🙏