Napoleon and the temple of Hathor

Napoleon and the temple of Hathor

In 1798 Napoleon and his soldiers took a break in a cool place called Dendara in Egypt. They set up camp outside an old temple. One day, a group of men led by a guy named Denon, who was an artist for Napoleon, decided to explore the temple.

Inside a dimly lit room, they found something amazing! There was a super detailed picture showing the 12 Zodiac star signs. And guess what? Around the signs, there were pictures of 36 figures called Deacons. These Deacons were like special guardians for each group of ten days in a year, adding up to 360 days. Isn't that cool?

But wait, there's more! They also discovered that this temple was dedicated to the goddess Hathor. She was all about love, joy, compassion, and being feminine. And get this, the temple was built right under a group of stars called the Pleiades, also known as the 7 sisters. It's like the ancient people knew about these stars and how they were connected to our world.

So, you see, even back then, people were looking up at the stars and finding meaning in them. It's pretty amazing how much the ancient civilizations knew about our history and where we come from.

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