Zeta Reticili

Zeta Reticili

There are a group of Draconian reptiles that are light positive aligned that have actually rescued many of humanity from abduction and brought them back as safely as possible.

They are a monk type species that live in the Orion constellation.They often keep themselves to themselves to avoid contact with the much larger groups.of Reptilian species,who are negative aligned and more aggressive.

You may have had memories of these they are small 3-5 ft tall, hairless, but look more humanoid then any of the others.and are more blue/grey in complexion.

If you have had an inclination that you have been abducted ,yet rescued by these loving benevolent species , they often get negative judgement as abductors, because despite rescuing humans ,they are the last memory we may have of our supposed abduction.

I send beautiful love to them, like I do all beings blessings GG 💜🙏