The Quickening

The Quickening

We humans in our 3D linear time thinking,tend for the most  part to believe our evolution has been slow . We suffer what was would be termed as impatience.

The true is our evolution has been rapid in comparison to the rest of the Galaxy . For example our closest galactic family  friends the Plieadians have been around for over a million years and  we will ascend far quicker then they did.

In fact we owe our rapid ascension to the Pleiadians they arrived on earth 🌎 about 250-300,000 years ago creating Lemuria and choosing our species of human out of 17/18 different species and changing out DNA chromosomes from 24 pairs  to 23 .

This is a fast track to evolution,by any standards,this is how magnificent humanity is

Many blessings GG 💜🙏