Mother's, goddesses and the feminine spiritual energy.

Mother's, goddesses and the feminine spiritual energy.

In dedication!!🙏.

To all the mothers, goddesses , feminine spiritual -energy if compassion, tenderness and caring.

I bow my head hand on heart  ❤️ in reverence, respect , understanding and open in choice to receiving your beautiful wonderful knowing and wisdom.

I send blessings to all my previous lives mother's, and my own motherhood experiences,which now serve me in my beautiful understanding of Gaia,Titania, the Valkyrie warriors, St Joan of Arc,Lady Diana Spencer, Mother Theresa, the deity goddess Shakti , mother Mary, Sophia and all the wonderful carriers of this all encompassing energy throughout the history of this planet and beyond.

I send a beautiful beam of love light, and benevolence,sending consciousness into the skies and infinity,into the stars and our  magnificent starseed mother's ,the beautiful, benevolent, loving,fun higher conscious light beings the Plieadians and the sister hood of the 7 stars in that beautiful shinning place.

In gratitude , blessings and grace . Namaste 🙏 GG